Diamonds are considered to be women forever friend. Diamonds are normally bought to witness the memorable events of life such as weddings and engagements as this stone keeps it shine for the lifetime and bring charm to the exclusive event. Buying such expensive jewellery requires considerable research as diamonds possess various qualities on the basis of which it is judged and analyzed by the jewellers. Finding such expensive jewellery that can do justice with the wallet as well, Dubai is the place that ensures to turn your dream into reality. Dubai Diamond Jewellery is recognized in the world for its high quality and extraordinary craftsmanship.

There are numerous designer brands of Dubai diamond jewellery. Among these popular brands, the retailing business has flourished a lot in the major streets and malls of Dubai. These retail brands have the honour of keeping much designer jewellery and provide an authentic platform to shop for extreme varieties that each collection has following its company true philosophy. Each retailer store unveils the latest collections housed in its lavishing glass windows. From dripping jewellery to the delicate small sets, Dubai diamond jewellery carries its own charm and elegance. Gold souk is the complete market dedicated to providing the best jewellery in town and some of the best diamond collections can be witness over there.

Apart from retail stores there are renowned jewellery brands that presents specific collections of diamonds that follows a specific theme. Each collection combines the elegant diamond with the precious metal of either gold or white gold. Beautifully embellished large sets with diamonds are frequently found in many high profile gatherings in Dubai that stands to make an identity of the wearer. Joyalukkas, Samra, Mamiya, Chopard, Surat, De Beers and Zales are considered to be some of the top brands in Dubai diamond jewellery market that have introduced various innovative collections in this regard.

Dubai diamond jewellery is much affordable here as compared to other parts of the world as Dubai is recognized as a tax-free state. Imported diamonds are embellished with the extraordinary expertise of its maker and the claim of its authenticity by the provider. Dubai diamond jewellery comes in a huge variety; from small items of rings and earrings to the large wedding sets. The tax Free Zone of Dubai also ensures to provide numerous deals on buying this delicate jewellery. Discount deals are offered on several occasions; from shopping season of Dubai festivals to the regional celebrations.

Dubai is also regarded as the buildings heaven on earth. The huge malls of Dubai offers the ultimate charm for all the shopaholics while Dubai diamond jewellery can also be found abundant here. The Dubai Mall is considered to be the most famous in providing its best services in means on gold jewellery. Dubai Diamond Park is also famous for its trendiest collection and extraordinary ambiance. Each year the place reports a huge number of visitors from all over the world to explore the nature unique stone of diamond placed in a masterpiece of jewellery.