Blue Diamonds
Blue is the rarest natural colour for a diamond. Natural blue diamonds only come from one diamond mine of South Africa called Premiere Diamond Mine. In the old times the Indian mine of Golkonda also produced some blue-gray diamonds. That is why blue diamonds are the worthiest of the coloured diamonds, sometimes almost even exceeding their value.

Natural minerals and crystals along with all the temperature, material changing and huge changes of pressure, when more chemicals are mixed up to create a crystal in the end can produce different colours as well. Contrary to the belief, diamonds very often come from deep inside the Earth looking unrecognisable, mostly brown with dirt or as their natural colour. It takes long processes, cleaning and polishing in order for the diamond to show its best colour. Blue diamonds come rarely looking all blue. If you see a blue fancy diamond looking all blue, the chance is very high that it got its colour artificially. The best-valued blue diamonds are generally white diamonds with traces of blue in them. Sometimes blue shades make the white look even whiter creating a beautifully fluorescent, highly valued stone. The most famous naturally blue diamonds are the Heart of Eternity diamond (27,7 Carat) owned by the South African De Beers Corporation , the Hope Diamond with 45,5 Carats having greyish-blue colour , a cursed diamond which is supposed to be cut from the French Blue Diamond earlier. The small sized 5.5g Ocean Dreams Diamond is the only known diamond in the world in green-blue colour. Moreover, the last of the famous blue diamond is the Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond, which was sold to its current holder for 23.4 million British Pounds, making it the highest price ever paid for a diamond at an auction.

Buying a naturally blue coloured diamond is not easy at all. Even in Dubai, the new Mecca of diamond trading, it is a nice challenge to get to naturally blue diamonds. Of course, the first and main difference is between natural and artificially coloured blue diamonds is the price. Artificial coloured diamonds are the poorest quality brown diamonds or Desert Diamonds, which have their colour changed by various temperature and chemical processes. The artificial coloured diamonds have a very intensive colour, which makes them look like a cheap bijoux. That is how you can differentiate between real coloured and artificial fancy coloured diamonds.

In Dubai, the best places to look for naturally coloured diamonds are the Zainal Jewellery, The Damas Jewellery, which features many natural coloured diamonds like red, rose, black and pink, with the usage of other valued gemstones like topaz and sapphire in their collections. Damas being the biggest jewellery trader of Dubai features the largest and most exclusive diamond and fancy coloured diamond collections in Dubai. Visit the shops of Joyalukkas where you will find great diamond collections containing natural pink, purple and white-blue diamond collections.

Blue diamonds are very rare, but if you do not find them in Dubai, then you will not find them anywhere else for sure. Dubai has become one of the top sellers of all sorts of diamond jewellery, with excellent routes for best quality diamonds to come to the country, so for sure; here you will find the blue diamonds of your dreams.