Blue Nile Diamonds
Blue Nile is among the most mentioned online diamond sellers in the world. Also with that, it is among the most criticised companies in the world. So, let us see from where Blue Nile comes from and what can we find out about its services in real?

Blue Nile is a Seattle based business which has first invented the online selling of diamond jewels. That is how it sells all sorts and types of jewellery today, with its biggest market being the diamond engagement rings. You can get all types of metals, white, rose or yellow gold or platinum and you can choose the preferred shape of diamonds for your rings. In addition, Blue Nile goes that far to offer you to build your own ring.

The prices of Blue Nile used to be very competitive on the American market but now there are tons of cheaper trustable websites as well. It is important to note that Blue Nile does not manufacture and in most cases does not personally deal with its diamonds. Instead it makes exclusive contract with wholesalers of diamonds from all over the world and jewellers, also from all over the world who will then post their offered jewellery on exclusively only on the site of Blue Nile. By not seeing the diamonds and the jewels personally, Blue Nile leads itself into trouble though, as more and more complaints are arriving about stones, which are not in the quality as promised previously by Blue Nile, and the company is not that well informed to act, because of not having seen the stones themselves with their eyes. Therefore, Blue Nile sells a huge bulk of diamond jewellery coming from all around the world. Although the quality is questionable, most people in the United States are happy with the services of Blue Nile, because it has a fair costumer service and protected services as being the very first on the market. Blue Nile does not advertise the fact that they have close to nothing to do with their advertised jewels, so it is dealt with as an open secret. The big problem for many is the inability to see the stones from close up within one jewellery. The other problem is the business concept of Blue Nile, which does not care much about the exact quality of a diamond, but only concentrates on its value, treating it as a pure commodity, which is not true according to professional diamond experts.

In most of the cases, the partners of Blue Nile do not have to pay anything to put their jewellery or loose diamonds on the website of Blue Nile, and the company usually counts an 18 percent commission on each items. The big advantage of Blue Nile is the constant saving with each cost. They do not need a large workforce, with the exception of a basic management structure, which deals with the partners and payments mostly. They do not need to pay for manufacturing, storage sending or evaluation this way they make the highest clean income. The partner jewelleries must deal with the certificates of course in the name of Blue Nile and they deal with the postings too.

Blue Nile has an undoubtedly successful scheme for success in their business. However, if they will not take higher care for the handling and inspecting of the products they sell, they will get into trouble soon, with the appearing of all those manufacturers who take care of their jewellery in all aspects. Blue Nile has recently included Dubai in the United Arab Emirates into its sending system too, so if they preserve quality then the Blue Nile business will continue to flourish.