SIGNATURE DIAMONDS & JEWELLERY is a registered company in Great Britain propably from Indian origin. The website is operating for a couple of years now. While the website doesn’t seem to provide all the information it should by Amazon and Ebay is considered a fine website for those who want to buy quality diamond jewellery.

Buy Fine Diamonds has a very wide offer of all sorts of diamond jewellery. One part of the diamond jewellery sold there is offered with GIA certificate on diamonds, namely a part of the diamond ring collection. The diamonds which are used or sold by Buy Fine Diamonds are said to come from the Surat Valley in India which is currently India’s biggest diamond digging places used by several Indian companies which sell their goods all over the world. The choices at Buy Fine Diamonds seem close to limitless. Apart from white diamonds, they offer fancy diamonds, loose diamonds and black diamonds as well.

Now with the problems: there are only a very few sites with clear or neutral reviews on the Buy Fine Diamonds. The store doesn’t contain any legal information on the company itself, without the listing of managers’ names and tax numbers only enlisting an address. Although they offer 30 days money back guarantee, they offer no certificates with the 95% of their goods, which from then on can’t be traced back from where exactly they came. Although most diamonds are cut and polished in Surat, India, the exact place of origin remains uncovered and this is what gives place for doubt together with the seeming lack of real life reviews on the company.

Then the prices are very competitive on the website of Buy Fine Diamonds. This is a site just like many other, which also makes a potential danger for many who wish to buy diamonds online for the sole reason for them being cheaper. Buying a diamond means lots of responsibility which again means if you don’t learn the lesson you might end up losing a lot of money on your cost. You will need to learn a lot about diamonds in order to make a safe and good purchase. Bigger diamond selling hubs like Dubai or Israel also can’t take an absolute guarantee on all of their diamonds, although in Dubai a certificate is obligatory with each diamonds sold, controlled very heavily by the state itself. On the website of Samra jewellery, where you can also buy diamonds, you will see the logo of at least 2 diamond related association, that you won’t be able to see on the website of Buy Fine Diamonds.

Buy Fine Diamonds is a clear website made for the pure reason to sell diamond jewellery online everywhere. Unfortunately most diamonds sold there don’t come with an internationally recognised certificate, which ultimately makes their origin their colour and carat immediately unreliable.