Bvlgari Diamonds
Not many people are there who will not know the famous Italian jewellery brand Bvlgari. Bvlgari is among the most popular and famous jewellery brands in the world, dealing with all sorts of jewellery, diamonds and luxury products and in the latest years have come out with its first cosmetic collection. Dubai is a big fan of Bvlgari therefore there is no bigger shopping mall where you would not see its beautiful diamonds and gold collections.

The first Bvlgari shop was established in Rome in 1884, which means that this brand is really among the oldest, most prestigious jewellery brands in the world. Founder Sotirio Voulgari was a talented jewellery manufacturer by the time he opened his first shop. The strange writing of Bvlgari is to symbolise his Greek family heritage and we can see a rich Greek influence in his jewelleries ever since. The Bvlgari brand is famous all over the world, being among those few, which have the most shops all over the world. Bvlgari does not only sell its goods through its own shop but also through several retailers. In Dubai, one big retailer of the jewellery brand is Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons. Interesting to mention that the influence of Bvlgari is so strong that it is among those very few, whose style the most people were trying to copy but without much luck. The sophisticated diamonds, all the beautiful jewellery of Bvlgari is highly famous and bought all over the globe. Bvlgari is among the makers of the most elegant jewellery. The prominent jewellery does not only deal with jewellery but has several great quality watch collections as well, which go perfectly with the other jewellery of Bvlgari. The first American store of the Italian brand opened in the Saks Fifth Avenue in New York and their largest showroom can be found in the Ginza Tower of Tokyo. Both the watches and the jewellery of Bvlgari are richly decorated with diamonds creating highly sophisticate items for women. Since 1996, Bvlgari also deals with the creation of leather and textile accessories, namely beautiful handbags, belts, scarves. This is due to the buying of the quality leather manufacturing Italian company called Pacini. Bvlgari today has a space in the making of high quality eyewear and Bvlgari fragrances are widely famous all around the world. Even in the luxury world of gold and diamonds, Bvlgari is on the top for over a hundred years.

In Dubai, the jewellery and watches collection are those that sell the best, specifically the diamonds and the engagement and wedding ring sections, but their male jewellery, namely its highly exclusive cufflinks are also widely popular. There is simply no jewellery which you wouldn’t get at the stores of Bvlgari, rubies, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and Turqoise are the most fashionable to use as decorations for its jewelleries. In addition, you can get all the trendiest colour of gold jewellery at Bvlgari from white to rose gold. Platinum jewellery is also sold at Bvlgari Jewellery.

Bvlgari has several outlets in Dubai, with its biggest showroom located in the Dubai Mall, and then having further showrooms in the Mall of the Emirates and in the Ibn Battuta Mall as well. Its jewellery and watches are also sold in the shop of its official Dubai retailer, Seddiqi and Sons.