Dubai Diamond Jewellery for Women
Diamond jewellery for women is quite a lot more popular than for men although we cannot not say that men’s jewellery or watches does not have the same bling as diamond jewellery for women. Dubai is world famous for having the world’s most beautiful collections of diamond jewellery for the best quality.

Diamond is Dubai’s Nr.1 export good along with its gold jewellery. Diamond trading has been increasing continuously in Dubai along with its capacity to welcome jewellers and manufacturers to set tent in Dubai, where they can work and employ workers tax-free. The diamond and jewellery business has very long history in the Middle East, which is a great centre for all the diamonds arriving there from the Indian and African regions. Gold, diamond and coloured gemstone trading now possess the importance that pearl carried for decades in Dubai.

There are all sorts of diamond jewellery for women in Dubai with hundreds of jewelleries offering their diamond jewelleries all around town. There is some jewellery, which are specialised, in white diamonds and there are some, which are professionals in yellow gold jewelleries. If you go to the Gold Souk of Dubai, you will see so much of gold jewellery that you would not be able to see at any other place. Here, you can make the best bargains; you can save up thousands of Dollars, Pounds or Euros on one precious item. Dubai is the paradise for those that are looking for diamond jewellery for women. There are all sorts of rings, wedding or engagement rings, wedding, ordinary and special sets sold in all sorts of price types, you can see pendants of all type. The design of the jewellery today has drastically changed from the last decades. Now, they not only mix yellow gold with white gold, but there is even pink and purple gold. There are all sorts of coloured diamonds as well offered on the market. You can get the most unique diamond jewellery for women in the visitor’s centre of the huge Dubai Gold and Diamond Park. In addition, the park is the only place where you can buy precious diamond jewellery made with purple gold.

Dubai diamonds are sold along with the diamond certificate, which states every detail of the diamond in question, from its carat to the place where it was mined. You can get to hear more and more about the famous Dubai Cut, which means a great diamond cutting system by cutting 99 different surfaces on the diamond. The number 99 represents the 99 names of Allah. The prominent Indian Dhamani Jewellery, the top sellers of diamond jewellery in Dubai only sells the Dubai Cut diamonds.

You will not be able to cope easily with the huger than huge variety of diamond jewellery for women. There are new generation cuts and shapes in today’s jewellery industry. If you want to choose the best brands selling diamond women’s jewellery, then visit the stores of Damas, Taiba, Al Zain and Al Futtaim jewelleries. Visit the website of Samra Jewellery where you can order the desired item online as well.