Dubai Diamond Necklaces
Dubai is getting as famous for its diamond ware as about its gold ware. Dubai diamond trading has tremendously grown in the last decade and today, you can freely get to Dubai to buy the finest diamond ware. Diamond necklaces often come in sets, most preferably in wedding sets because the necklace is the one item for which it is preferable to buy also an additional passing pair of either earrings or a passing bracelet. Let us now see where you can get the best diamond ware in Dubai and out of what variety you can buy diamond necklaces:

Diamond wedding necklaces and wedding sets
Samra Jewellery is the main jewellery store specialised in a wide variety of pure diamond jewellery. Samra also sells all of its jewellery online. Visit the stores of Taiba jewellery as well, to see some beautiful diamond necklaces and sets. The Joyalukkas Jewellery being the first to have implemented Wedding Jewellery as a category has some of the best wedding collections.

Golden Diamond necklaces
Gold is very classical, so you will find some beautiful golden necklaces and sets made out of yellow gold or white and yellow gold mixed. There are some beautiful diamond necklaces on the market with some incredible shapes, designed with endless fantasy on behalf of the jewellery makers. Look around in the Damas De Luxe stores to catch some of the most beautiful designs.

Silver Diamond necklaces
Silver necklaces decorated with diamonds are a bit hard to find, as silverware is not considered this hip to include that many diamonds as a necklace would want but do not give up, look around at either stores of Tanyaz Jewellery, Samer Jewellery and Loupe Jewellery and at Tiffany and Co. too, you can never know for sure.

White gold Diamond necklaces
White gold is nowadays the trendiest to go with diamond necklaces. However, you can also find beautiful diamond necklaces made out of white gold mixed with yellow gold. You can find the widest variety of white gold necklaces at Samra Jewellery. However, look around in the stores of Taiba and Damas, which also sell many white gold necklaces. There are so many local brands in Dubai, such as the Al Zain or the Marhaba Jewelleries just to say two examples that also offer large collections of all sorts of white gold necklaces and sets.

Diamond necklaces with other gems and coloured diamond necklaces
You can find some beautiful designing examples on diamond necklaces decorated with other coloured gems or with coloured diamonds as well. Of course, the wholly diamond necklace is the most expensive, but if you would like to have some colours in your jewellery, it is a nice idea to do so. Look around in the stores of Damas Jewellery, which sells the largest number of different collections, and Farah Jewellery specialised in using coloured gemstones.

If you want a beautiful diamond necklace, you may want to have the whole set as well. Sets are cheaper than to buy only a necklace and the chance for you to get some bargain is higher. Nothing looks classier than a beautiful and elegant diamond necklace. Have a good shopping in Dubai!