Diamond Rings Dubai

Dubai is the city of Gold as it is called on its nickname and it has a prominent position in the global jewellery market as well as in the international diamond and gemstone market as well. Dubai has quickly become famous for the diamond trading because it offers only the best quality pieces in its hundreds of jewellery stores. The Dubai gold trading has a long history as well. During the Dubai International Jewellery week, held in every year’s November, you can see the finest quality pieces of diamond rings and other jewellery. Diamond rings are among the best sellable jewellery items for many reasons. First, it is the most sophisticated jewellery and secondly it is by far the nicest and most expensive wedding jewellery as well.

Pure Diamond rings
If you are looking for great diamond rings, then you will have a great variety of stores to look through. The best place for catching the best local jewellery stores is to visit the Dubai Mall’s Gold souk and the Deira gold souk. The most prominent international jewellery stores are in the big shopping malls. Try the Saks and the Bloomies as both of them have a nice variety of jewellery. However, if you are in Dubai, the best thing is to buy from a local jewellery store. Damas, Taiba, Samra or Joyalukkas are all great, look for Al Zain jewelleries too. There are hundreds of local brands, so you can give a try to any of them.

Diamond wedding rings
Samra Jewellery is the main jewellery that has been specialised in selling all sorts of pure diamond jewellery. However, the Joyalukkas Jewellery also has great collections of wedding rings, though of course, you can find them just everywhere in each shop.

Golden Diamond rings
Gold being the most classically used material for jewellery can be found everywhere in Dubai. Nowadays pure diamond is more popular with platinum or white gold but you can surely find some beautiful yellow gold items too in one of the best jewellery shops in Dubai, like the one of the Damas jewellery stores in downtown Dubai.

Silver Diamond rings
Silver is a very important material used for rings, as most Muslims are not allowed to wear gold at all, mostly men. Silver has as long history as gold in jewellery making and in fact, the Silver is the shiniest precious metal of all, so it is really worth looking for some fine quality silver diamond rings as well. Look around at the Tanyaz Jewellery, Samer Jewellery, and Loupe Jewellery and at the shops of Tiffany and Co.

White gold Diamond rings
White gold is nowadays the most widely used metal for diamond rings. As a new trend, you can also find precious diamond rings made out of white gold with yellow gold strings or versa. The mixing of white and yellow gold is very classy and it only looks the best with such stone, as is the diamond.

Diamond rings with other gems and coloured diamond rings
Diamond rings are often made with other coloured gems. The nicest examples for this you can see in the collections of Damas Jewellery and Farah Jewellery, which offers diamond rings decorated with Topaz or Opal.