Dubai Diamond Watches
Watch is a luxury item with an importance. Watches represent a very important range or jewellery if we can call them this name. A brand watch is like a statement, which everyone sees. Diamond watches have become the main way of men too, to represent their financial status and taste at the same time and they are using diamond watches as jewellery. If you want one out of the best watches, then you will need to spend ten times more than on regular diamond jewellery. Still in Dubai, you will get diamond watches cheaper than in any other countries.

There are several jewellery stores, which also deal with watches. We will represent you with the offers of these stores. Then, we will go on to talk a few words about the best international brands and where can you find them.

Damas Jewellery
Damas Jewellery is one of Dubai’s most prominent jewellery brands. You can look for great diamond watches in the exclusive stores of Damas in Dubai. Damas sells around 30 different jewellery brands. As for watches, we can differentiate its Les Exclusives collections and the Damas Watches collections. In the Exclusives collections, you can find such brands as Perellet, or the worldwide famous Vacheron for women. You can also get to see the extreme designs of Chalyano as well. You can find the best collection of diamond-decorated watches in the collection of Varotti offering full diamond decorated watches for the women. These are the most expensive collections. These watches come in white gold. With the other collections of Damas, either Swarovski or other sorts of crystals are used.

Al Futtaim Jewelleries
Al Futtaim has a very wide range of watches collections in Dubai and many stores. In search of diamond watches, choose to look at the beautiful women’s collection of Raymond Weil and the ornate collection of WESTAR watches. Seiko also offers its first class models here along with the Swiss Wenger, being the most popular Swiss brand for multiple uses. Look at the beautiful collection of Kolbert Genéve, a first class Swiss watches brand, definitely among the most expensive watches in the world. Look at the Les Stars and the Les Classiques collections to see the best diamond watches.

International Watches stores
There are several international brands, the watches of which are world famous in quality. We all know that when it comes to luxury watch, then Switzerland is the place. Tissot, Jaeger LeCoultre, Audemars Piquet, Patek Philippe cost much. Piaget is famous for its jewellery watches. The diamond watches are by far the most expensive. Although sometimes you will not even be able to notice many watches, brands work with diamonds. Diamond is not only a beautiful gemstone but also highly used by the watchmakers and several other labs too.

You can also find some designer jewellery diamond watches with high prices and nice design. Unfortunately, most designer gear does not represent really well working watches. The Chanel’s, Dolce and Gabbana’s watches hide some good but not excellent quality watches. So, choose a more expensive but trustable timepiece. Diamond watches in Dubai are very common to buy as much for women as for men. You can get them a lot cheaper in Dubai, thanks for the tax free working laws.