Diamond Wedding Rings Dubai

Today, Dubai is a world famous and worldwide important Middle Eastern hub for diamond traders and manufacturers. You can buy diamonds here for an excellent price and impeccable quality. The diamonds arrive mainly from India and South Africa. The tax-free manufacturing and trading makes diamond jewellery here a lot cheaper than in any other country and this is a great advantage for Dubai. If you are up for buying the most beautiful and sophisticated diamond wedding rings or bands, you will only have a hard time when it comes to choosing: the variety of all sorts and types of diamond wedding rings is so huge.

Let us now see the offers of some of the biggest Dubai jewellery brands to see what we can expect:

Diamond wedding rings at Damas Jewellery
Damas does not specifically sell wedding collections but some of its international collections deal with the production of mainly wedding collections. Check out Cento by Roberto Coin and Daniel K collections in the shops of Damas.

Diamond wedding rings at Himat Jewellery
Himat Jewellery has a great and wide offer of Diamond wedding rings, made out of both white and yellow gold. Himat calls its wedding rings “eternity bands”, so you can find the great collections online on this name. You can see here many different variants of wedding rings and bands. The most common decoration made out of diamonds is the so called “channel set” where the little diamond stones are set in line on the rims or in the middle of the ring. Diamonds are sometimes mixed with sapphire and pink sapphire.

Diamond wedding rings at Joyalukkas Jewellery
The Indian Joyalukkas Jewellery brand is one of the wedding specialists in Dubai. You can find great and inexpensive yet beautiful collections of wedding rings or bands in its shops. Check out the PERFECT collection containing the wedding rings and bands made out of mainly white gold. Of course, you can find the most beautiful yellow gold rings here as well. There are fitting pendants and earrings for the wedding rings as well.

Diamond wedding rings at Samra Jewellery
Samra has one of the most beautiful and the most easily traceable wedding ring collections. Samra is the specialist of pure diamond jewellery, so you will find some of the most beautiful jewellery in its offer. Samra likes the white gold three stone variations but you can find either single stoned or multiple stone constellations. Samra prefers the usage of white gold for the diamonds but if you are the fan of yellow gold you can also find a couple of great selections over here at Samra.

Diamond wedding rings at Taiba Jewellery
Taiba is one of the most prominent golden jewellery specialists in Dubai with the biggest offer of the most beautiful diamond wedding rings and bands. The lovers of yellow gold will feel the happiest over here, as Taiba prefers the classic yellow, but also the fans of white gold will have a great selection of rings to choose from. Taiba offers 21K wedding bands, 18K wedding rings and 18K twin style rings, which are very popular in Dubai.

Diamond wedding rings at Al Zain Jewellery
Al Zain is among the biggest jewellery brands of Dubai and you will find many sorts of domestic and international collections in its shops. You can be sure to find some of the best pieces of golden diamond jewellery at its shops.

Apart from all these great brand shops, there are dozens of other well-known Dubai brands where you can find beautiful diamond wedding rings. Do not forget to check out if you get your diamond certificate with your diamond wedding rings, if you shop at lesser-known jewellery.