Dubai Desert Diamonds
When you are in Dubai, you will eventually hear the name of Desert Diamonds, also called as Saudi Diamonds, as their main mining places is around Riyadh Saudi Arabia. The Desert Diamonds, although they are far from being as famous as the classic diamonds, are still worthier than the other semi-precious stones.

Desert Diamonds are indeed semi precious stones, members of the Quartz stone family, which indeed play a very important part in the Middle Eastern jewellery industry. They are often used together with zircon for making beautiful rings, necklaces and sets, which for the unprofessional look exactly like real diamonds. Of course, Desert Diamonds are not used for making fake diamond jewellery, but to make jewellery out of Desert Diamonds. In the Moh’s stale listing the stone hardness, on which diamond is on the 10th place as being the hardest stone on Earth, the Desert Diamonds are placed on the 7-7.5 grade which is indeed very good, making them closely to be as hard as diamonds themselves. The Desert Diamond does not break no matter how old it is. That is why Desert Diamonds are valuable to jewellers all around the Middle East and they sell as affordable yet beautiful jewellery. Desert Diamonds belong to the same precious category as amethyst.

Desert Diamonds wear the "DD"’ stamp, as they are crafted by following strict standards for being processed as jewellery stones. They are manufactured with exactly the same precision as classic diamonds. They make beautiful quality and valued jewellery in Dubai. Desert Diamonds are mostly crafted with 18K gold or with sterling silver Nr. 925, which is among the best silver types in the jewellery industry. Dubai Diamonds are often included with other semi precious stones and coloured stones. In this way, the jewellery will look exactly the same brilliant as if it was made with diamonds, rubies or emeralds. Jewellery made out of Desert Diamonds is sold for only one tenth of their value in Dubai. These jewels are so cheap looking that indeed many people would decide on buying them.

Desert Diamonds deliver the sparkle, which so many women finds irresistible in jewellery. These semi precious jewelleries made out of Desert Diamonds are really highly valued in Dubai in the same way as the quality 18K gold. They also make great gifts. In Dubai, they are so cheap that you would pay them at least triple as much in any other country outside of Dubai.

You will find the best Desert Diamond collections in the Gold Souk of Dubai, in the Gold and Diamond Park, in the Cara Jewellery and in the Ramesses Cafe at the Wafi Mall. Of course, they are more than available in most of the streets of Deira, Bur Dubai and Karama district as well. You can find Desert Diamonds in some of the hypermarkets as well, such as in the Lulu Hypermarket which is famous for its fine jewellery stands.