Dubai Diamond Jewelry
Dubai is very famous for its fine quality diamonds. In the recent years, the newly found Dubai Multi Commodities Centre and the brand new base in the ALMAS Tower is located in the Jumeirah Lakes Towers. There has been an increase in the diamond industry of Dubai, as in manufacturing as in business possibilities. Dubai diamond jewelry is very famous for its great quality and fine Dubai cut. Nowadays you can fine great Dubai diamond jewelry all around town.

Dubai is famous for its great range of jewelry stores. There is no place, where you would not find at least a jewelry store in Dubai. The jewelry trading of Dubai has always been great concerning the great gold industry of the sheikhdom. The gold has been always a priority in the trading and manufacturing life of Dubai. Now, diamonds too are gaining a leading role next to it. The diamonds come to Dubai from India and South Africa. They arrive roughly, then clean and polish by the Dubai diamond jewelry manufacturers. The Dubai diamond traders are either of Dubai or from Indian origin. As the jewelry does not go a long way from the mining place to the merchandising place, the diamonds in Dubai are sold at a much better price than in Europe or anywhere in the world.

The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre is the one appointed governmentally in order to establish, control and watch over all sorts of diamond connected business in Dubai. The main task of the centre is to look after the business parts, to establish contacts and to give a suitable place for the meetings connected to the business. The DMCC is the one, which produces the contracts and watches the payments coming on behalf of diamond connected business. The Dubai Diamond Exchange, as the subsidiary of the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre is the party, which takes part in the meetings and events of the International Diamond Bourse and is an official member of all sorts of big diamond committees. It is the Dubai Diamond Exchange, which keeps contact or gets into contact with potential diamond related business partners. If a manufacturer or jewelry gets into contact with the DDE they can purchase a membership the fee of which is paid yearly and per transaction and in return, it helps in establishing business regarding Dubai diamond jewelry.

The Dubai Gold and Diamond Park also gives great business and merchandising opportunities for Dubai. The Park established in 2001. In 2009, it opened newly enlarged and ever since acts as a favourite spot for tourists and businesspersons. The Dubai Gold and Diamond Park offers manufacturing workshops and retail places for international and Dubai diamond jewelry businesses. The Dubai diamond jewelry trading life has created a strategically highly useful spot with this park.

The Dubai diamond jewelry is produced and sold in high quantities in Dubai. The famous Dubai diamond cut is for the shiniest, best cut and polished diamonds all getting a registry number carved into the diamond with laser and coming with a certificate each time. The Dubai diamond jewelry is world famous for its quality and produced great art pieces of jewelry.