Dubai Gold & Diamond Park
If you want to see the famous "Dubai Cut" Diamonds or the worldwide unique purple gold jewellery, then your place is in the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park. The Dubai Gold and Diamond Park is in limelight especially since its re-development and enlargement. Today, you can take a nice excursion over here, which is not far from the centre of Dubai and can witness the making of jewelleries; you can buy jewelleries also with stating your individual preferences so you can get your unique jewellery this way.

The Dubai Gold and Diamond Park is not as new a development as it seems. It has already been established as an idea and investment of the Emaar properties, which had seen the potential in making such a place, wholly dedicated for gold and diamond manufacturing and merchandising. The area of the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park comprises of two main areas, one for the manufacturing labs and logistics, the other is the marketplace where the shops of the manufacturers are actually situated. The mall part consists of several buildings where you can see the offer of many domestic and international types of jewellery. Currently, there are 118 open workshops and 37 jewelleries in the area of the Park. There is also a Visitor’s centre where you can get closer to such unique jewellery as the purple gold or the fine Dubai Cut jewellery. The purple gold invented in Malaysia by a jeweller called Lo Peng Chum has created this precious material with the application of high pressure and mixing of different metals. However, purple gold has still 80% pure gold content. This is the only place in Dubai and one of the very few in the world, where you can see and purchase the precious purple gold.

Its serial number distinguishes the Dubai Cut, which is only on Dubai diamonds with the numbers laser inscribed coming with a certificate stating the realty of the diamond and the place where the diamond had been mined. Dubai Cut diamonds are the clearest and finest cut and highly polished diamonds in the world.

The Dubai Gold and Diamond Park is located not far from the Jebel Ali Free Zone and operates as a free zone likewise. This closeness is a great help with all sorts of transportation as the both the port and the cargo airports are very near to the Park. The park offers investors full amenities and facilities for manufacturing, including total liberty in how they work. There no tax applying for anything within the area of the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park with a sole exception of a minimum of business tax and of course the monthly rental payment by each manufacturer or shop holder. Each workshops, units, shops and offices are in lease for a period between 1 to 3 years. The Dubai Gold and Diamond Park as an entity offers full help for manufacturers with the visa organization for its future employers and the whole area has the highest security standards.

The Dubai Gold and Diamond Park is not only a brilliant idea for a nation which would like to emphasise their role in the international jewellery industry but it also great for being an tourist attraction to see. The visitor’s centre of Dubai Gold and Diamond Park is open every day with the exception of Friday morning.