Ice Diamonds is among the biggest online diamond retailing companies in the United States. Founded in 1999, it is among the most popular companies to buy diamonds from. However, there are some problems with, which cannot be overlooked.

Established in 1999 by Mayer Gwinisch and then taken over by his son Shmol Gwinish, this seems to be an all-traditional Jewish family company, which turned to use internet for enlarging of the market and in order to spare many costs, which the establishing and operating of stores mean. It deals with all sorts of jewelleries, having more than ten different collections offered for women, man and children as well. They offer also the chance of getting personalised jewelleries done. Their three designing companies Michiko, Tattooed Steel and Erica Diamond do most of the designing. The good thing about the website is that they do not hide their main workers’ identity.

They offer certificates along with their products and they offer a wide range of diamond, pearl, gemstone, gold and silver jewelleries, not solely limited on diamond selling. They offer birthstone jewellery but they do not offer loose diamonds. They offer white, pink and black diamond jewellery. The good think is that you can look at their diamond from close, no matter in what they are included and you can read in details about its carats, colour and clarity with the cut as well. The drawback is that you cannot view one jewel in different colours of gold, making the decision harder. prefers white gold to go with its diamond jewellery. They offer a money back guarantee and a 45-day warranty. They also ensure customers that they are able to help them with any damaged jewellery also after the warranty is over. offer several sorts of partial payments of its goods.

Overall it is not as big a business to buy online from If you want to see the most quality diamonds at one place, visit either New York or Dubai to do so. While New York is closer for many, Dubai has better quality diamonds for a much better price though so don’t hesitate, come to Dubai and look around in its jewellery stores.