Le Vian Diamonds
The story of the today American Le Vian Corporation is more than unique. Still being a family company the Le Vian Jewellery has a very long history in fine jewellery making and in dealing with both diamonds and with all other sorts of precious gemstones. Let’s see what we can learn about Le Vian jewellery and about where we can find Le Vian diamonds in Dubai as well.

Le Vian Diamonds has become famous for its very unique styles regarding jewellery. They were pioneering in ways of representing coloured diamonds in all size and shape. Le Vian Jewellery works as a family company. The father of the brand was a man having Jewish –Persian origins, where the LeVian family has long-time worked as jewellers even creating masterpieces for the Shah of Persia since the 15th century. The name LeVian is an artificial name originated from the Jewish Levi. The LeVian family was manufacturing jewellery in the territory of Iran for several hundreds of years. The talented jeweller has quickly become famous for his passion for both diamond and for the unique looking Turqoise and Tanzanite. Abdulrahim Ephraim LeVian has become famous for its unique choices of using coloured diamonds. His first items which got the brand its high popularity were the so-called chocolate diamonds which were named after the extreme brown colour of the diamond. It is interesting to note that the colour of natural mined diamonds is mostly in the diverse shades of brown, rather than white.

The first U.S store of Le Vian opened in 1950 in New York and caused tremendous success. Le Vian Jewellery was the one, which presented several Miss America competitions with its jewelleries, and Le Vian Jewelleries has become famous in the rich and high-class circles as well as among actresses. Mr. Abdulrahim has led his business perfectly aiming for the best techniques and to create the best quality jewellery for the American public. He was also widely honoured for his philanthropic activities such as helping immigrants arriving in the U.S and helping those who wanted to learn the craftsmanship of jewellery. Today, we can find several Le Vian jewelleries all over the United States. Le Vian Jewellery is also very widely known for creating special pieces of jewellery especially for collectors. The huge Turqoise Elephant of Le Vian remains of course the most famous piece of all. This big elephant was fully manufactured by the Le Vian jewellery for the anniversary of the Shah of Iran. Several other beautiful items came out from the hands of Le Vian over the last fifty years. You can see the collections of Le Vian on all the special events in the United States, including the Golden Globe’s or the Oscar’s.

The unique jewellery could not avoid the high interest of Dubai. And what Dubai can’t get that doesn’t really exists either so its natural, that there is a way to get to Le Vian diamonds and jewellery when you are in Dubai. The two authorised sellers of the beautiful jewellery of Le Vian are the Bloomingdale’s and the Saks Fifth Avenue. Of course both of which can be found also in the centre of Dubai. Look for the Bloomingdale’s in the huge Dubai Mall and you will find Saks within the BurJuman Shopping Mall in Bur Dubai.