Loose Diamonds Dubai
Loose diamonds have different ways with trading than those diamonds, which are parts of jewellery. Loose diamonds are the stones as they are perfectly polished with a great cut. So, who would need loose diamonds today?

We can hear that among rich Arabic families, almost every family create a secret deposit, something to help their families, in case anything happens. From the olden times, the wealthy families have this safety plan for their sons and daughters. They hide some loose diamonds and other gemstones somewhere in a little holder, to be used only when it comes to absolute necessity.

On the other way, jewellers not only like to buy loose diamonds but they need them for a wholesale price. This is what happens at diamond bourses where jewellery manufacturers choose which loose diamonds to buy from whom and in, which shapes and colours. Of course, the qualities of a diamond also predestine their destiny. If a diamond has something exceptional about it, with its size, colour, quality, then it might eventually go displayed at a museum or a gallery or at a showroom. Only perfect quality diamonds can be exhibited, being loose. They need the perfect cut, polish, clarity. The perfect diamond is called paragon, and there are only very-very few diamonds with these qualities. Loose diamonds are also bought by jewellery designers or by those who are not professionals, but have the will and the money to buy loose stones to design and put together their jewellery at home.

The most important thing affecting the actual price of the loose diamonds is their actual carat and weight, as the two are around the same in the diamond industry. The weight, the colour is also very important when buying loose diamonds. In addition, you cannot buy loose diamonds at many places. There are more and more websites offering loose stones, diamonds as well, but it is still not an average or trusted way to buy quality stones. Shapes also predestine the prices. Naturally, round shapes are the most expensive, because they give the biggest size and biggest chance for a re-cut or re-shaping. Then you must think of the diamond cut quality and the diamond cut grade. All diamond cuts have their own grades and each grade has its own price range when we talk about white loose diamonds. Each cut grade is listed on the international diamond certificate of a diamond, which highly affects its value and price. You must be careful here, because some jewellery also use their own grading system based on the actual measures of a loose diamond. This way, they may try to fool you, but note that in the international diamond business, the grade on the certificate is always the one, which has the priority over any other systems.

In Dubai, there is some jewellery where you can buy loose diamonds and other gemstones. At Zainal jewellery, there is bright chance for you to buy loose diamonds. Other places can be found in the Dubai’s Gold Souk at the Deira district.