Red Diamonds
Red diamonds are one wonder of nature if their colour is real instead of the artificial red diamonds, which look rather cheap. Red is a colour, which needs much care and attention when it comes to arranging them in jewellery. Red diamonds, rubies are often used to accompany white diamonds in jewellery, making them to stand out more.

Red diamonds took a longer time to be authorised as diamonds. With the red colour, diamonds look fantastic and less known than rubies. That is why is one famous red diamond which was found at a flee market as a decoration on a hat, seemed like a bijoux for the untrained eyes, until one jeweller saw it and bought it for a very low amount of money. Ever since, red diamonds are known as one type of fancy diamonds and they are used widely in the jewellery industry, together with the pink and the rose diamonds. Red diamonds are often sold in non-regular shapes.

When it comes to fancy colour diamonds, there will be other motives that dominate when cutting them or shaping them. While with white diamonds, the cut needs in order to enhance the luminescence and clarity, the form of fancy diamonds serve to enhance the colour and the luminescence of the colour itself. That is why you will find many irregular shapes, which look indeed good with coloured diamonds but does not suit with the white diamonds at all. The asymmetrical shapes are also very fashionable with red diamonds and other fancy coloured diamonds; other suitable forms are heart and cushion shapes, some sorts of oval shapes and all-round shapes as well.

Red diamonds have such outstanding colour that you will be instantly able to say, if the red diamond you see is, natural or artificial red. Artificial red diamonds look like as if someone would have put red ink inside the stone itself, while the real and natural red diamonds seem rather rose in colour or somewhere between rose and orange with a whitish gloom at places. Artificial red diamonds are the same red all over. These sorts of diamonds are the cheapest brown diamonds, which undergo several chemical and temperature changing treatments for making their different colours. Artificial diamonds are much cheaper than the real fancy colour diamonds.

Famous red diamonds include the Moussaieff Red Diamond, the biggest natural red diamond in the world with 5.11 carats De Young Red Diamond, which was the one found at a flea market and its currently the third largest natural red diamond ever found in the world, the Kazanjian Red Diamond with 5.05 carats.

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