Solomon Brothers Diamond Jewellery
Solomon Brothers are currently among the biggest online diamond retailers in the United States. Solomon Brothers are offering every sort of jewellery: sterling silver, gold, platinum or even palladium. They are offering good quality diamond jewellery and also loose diamonds for the public.

Solomon Brothers come from a Jewish diamond manufacturing family, resettling from South Africa the Solomon brothers Ivan, Howard and Anthony have all been making their degrees in gemmology learning in the Gemological Institute of America, the exact same place which today issues the most important diamond certificated. The base of Solomon Brothers is in Atlanta, where their main store is operating. From the Nineties Solomon Brothers have decided to move most of their sales activity online from where they make the greatest deal of their business today. Solomon Brothers mostly manufacture their own jewellery and work with several young jewellery designers, whose products they also sell. Currently they deal with the jewellery of Tacori, Charriol, Christopher Designs, Damiani, Daniel K, Jeff Cooper, Martin Flyer, Veraggio among many others. Some of these jewelleries have already established names in the jewellery business where they got famous for their excellent designs and quality. Solomon Brothers offer all sorts of guarantee, even payback guarantee for their products. Next to jewellery they also deal with watch repair works as well. They offer low price guarantee and also mention the fight against Blood diamonds on their website. Solomon Jewellery is among the most popular economical jewelleries in the United States. Their scheme for buying loose stones online is also quite attractive. Here you can choose the expected clarity, the expected colour shade ( for diamond the whitest shade is D and the clearest diamond starts at IF and VVS1) where you can also choose the certificate you would like ( which is a scam. Solomon as many other jewellers unfortunately gives an extra price for GIA certificate, although this certificate is issued for free). You can choose what shape and cut rate of diamond you would like and also you can choose the weight (carat) of your diamond. This is also a great way for everyone to learn. If you take a look of the diamonds Solomon Brothers offer for a cheaper price, even you can see that their shades are seemingly yellow being far from white. In real the cheap offered diamonds are far from either colour or clarity to be great diamonds which is quite unfortunate.

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