Taiba Jewellery Dubai
Taiba Jewellery is among the most prominent gold traders and manufacturers in the Middle East with a large reputation. For Gold and Jewellery, Taiba is an originally Saudi Arabian jewellery company, which by today is considered a Dubai shop with its showroom and shop in Dubai. If you want to buy the best quality gold in Dubai, then Taiba Jewellery is for you. Although Taiba does not produce diamond jewellery now, it owns multiple awards for being the best gold manufacturer.

Taiba is also the proud manufacturer of the biggest golden ring in the world. This is also recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. With nearly 64 kilograms and 21K gold, the Star of Taiba is a beautiful sight and it has been exhibited in the Dubai Gold Souk, in the Indian Kanz Jewellery. The actual value of the Big Ring is worth more than 3 million EUR.

Taiba is one of the best gold makers and manufacturers in Dubai. In addition, Taiba quite smartly has decided to bring its gold marketplace online, so its goods are ordered and bought every day from every part of the world. Taiba holds several prestigious international awards due to its best professional gold jewellery making, such as the Leader in Service Quality Award or the International Grand Prix Leader in Prestige and Quality. You can find the large showroom of Taiba Jewellery in the middle of the famous Dubai Gold Souk. Taiba has been dealing with gold manufacturing for several decades now and it produces 21K and 18K fine gold jewellery. Contrary to the many beliefs, Taiba does NOT produce diamond jewellery. Therefore, if you are looking for diamond jewellery, you will need to look elsewhere. The quality of gold jewellery manufactured by Taiba Co. is so high though, that many do so, to replace the present cubic zircon stoned into diamonds at any local diamond seller within the Gold Souk. This way, you save thousands of USD, GBP or EUR. The zirconium is the stone looking the closest to pure diamonds though.

Taiba offers all sorts of jewellery ranges and jewellery sets. On its website, everything is differentiated. You can choose out of 18K or 21K gold rings, pendants, Islamic pendants, engagement and wedding rings, bands, bracelets, necklaces and many sets. Although Taiba is not yet a diamond user in this regard, its goods made out of pearl are also really worthy. On the website of Taiba and Co., you can find all of its offered jewellery, from rings to pendants, necklaces and full sets. Taiba also offers beautiful Islamic pendants and special Ramadan offers during every summer, when the holy month of Ramadan starts and lasts for forty days.

Visit the huge shop of Taiba Gold and Jewellery Co. and look around the best gold offer in Dubai. No gold jewellery exists here, which you would not be able to choose over here.