Tiffany Diamonds
Surely, few people in Europe or the United States would not have heard of the diamond jewellery, named Tiffany and Co. Its legend started well before the famous movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Currently Tiffany and Co. Diamond Jewellery is the biggest name in the American jewellery industry, being among the biggest jewellery manufacturers and retailers in the world. Today Tiffany has 103 stores all around the world and 64 in the United States. Flagship stores of Tiffany and Co can be found in Dubai, New York, Tokyo, Berlin, Rome and Moscow. Tiffany’s huge diamond with its 128.4 carats being a fancy yellow diamond can be seen in the New York base store, but sometimes it is taken to various international diamond exhibitions all around the world. The jewellery store is also famous for limiting its offer of diamonds to the best quality, not offering any under VS2 clarity and colour.

Tiffany and Co. Diamond Jewellery started out as a stationary store in New York City in 1837, being first named as Tiffany, Young and Ellis. The company later found its main profile in manufacturing and selling great quality jewellery, having its original name Tiffany and Co. from 1853. Tiffany is also famous for its gemmologist George Frederick Kunz who had key role in the adoption of metric carat as the future weight standard for gemstones. Ever since the Tiffany standard for both platinum and sterling silver, they are taken as the general United States’ standards. Outside being the best diamond jewellery firm of the US at the time, Tiffany and Co is also famous for supplying the Union Army with swords and other surgical equipments. They were the first to be awarded for their premiere quality silverware in the country. Tiffany also took a great part in the establishing of several national army medals of honour and they designed special china set for the White House. Tiffany and Co. is very active in sports life too, with the establishing of the Vince Lombardi Trophy, which the corporation handles over to the year’s best NFL (American Football) team. In addition, the high-class diamond jewellery of Tiffany and Co. has been the favourite of the international stars, royalties and politicians for a long time. Tiffany’s most influential diamond jewellery designs have been exhibited several times.

Tiffany is famous for the below mentioned designers sets and editions of diamond jewellery and other gemstone jewellery:
* Frank Gehry's collections including Axis, Equus, Fish, Flux, Orchid, Torque, and Tube.
* Elsa Peretti's collections including Bean, Diamonds by the Yard, Open Heart, Sevillana, and Teardrop.
* Paloma Picasso's collections including Loving Heart and Sugar Stacks.
* Jean Schlumberger
* Richard Lambertson and John Truex with the designing of the 2010 Handbag collection

In Dubai, the huge store of Tiffany and Co. selling beautiful diamond jewellery can be found in the Dubai Mall. It is among the highest visited jewellery stores over there. Tiffany’s high prices has been targeted several times, by mainly other, cheaper diamond jewellery makers, but the first place of Tiffany’s in the United States is undisputed. Visit the great store of Tiffany and Co. in the Dubai Mall, where you can get some great prices especially during the summer period.